A walk with the orchids of Soroa

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It only takes one hour to reach a landscape of indescribable beauty. The fascinating contact with mother nature is sometimes the best choice in this wonderful island.

Spend a day with the beauty of the orchids, a waterfall and everything there is to see in Soroa.

Let’s have some water and candies in our backpacks because we are going to Soroa, a unique landscape one hour to the west departing from Havana.

Soroa is very well known as a sanctuary for the orchids, hundreds of species have been kept there for decades and it is consider one of the most complete in Cuba in terms of variety.

Once there, it becomes a challenge to reach a castle in the sky that can only be seen after a six kilometers hike through the mountain.

After walking so much we will definitely need a rest, and there is no better place to do it in Soroa than the waterfall. A quiet and refreshing opportunity to swim and get amazing pictures are just a few of the many things the waterfall offers.


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