Apart from offering the best experiences to live in Cuba, we also put at your disposal the following services:

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Concierge Service

We put at your disposal a personal concierge and a telephone to keep in touch with him/her.

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Restaurant Reservations

To ensure the best food in the right place might be difficult sometimes. Our tips and recommendations will suit every taste.

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Full Time Professional Driver

Have a car always at your disposal. We offer a full time professional driver to take you anywhere you want to go.

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Transfer to the airport

We organize your pick-up and return to the airport in comfortable and safe cars.

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Business Travelers

For business travelers exploring or already investing in our country we offer the possibility of fully equipped halls to celebrate receptions and meetings.

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Events and Weddings

If a special event is what you are looking for, we have the right staff and outstanding places.

Unique Experiences

We have created a catalogue with the most outstanding experiences to live in this beautiful country. We are always connected with the local professional guides and advising only high quality services.

Explore the activities for your unforgettable trip to Cuba!

“Tradiciones Cuba offers a real connection between travelers and Cuban local guides providing an honest and spontaneous exchange with our culture and people.”


As part of an amazing experience we have also design some very interesting classes for you to have fun learning with us.

    Cooking Classes


    Learn how to cook the typical dishes of Cuban food. Participating in its elaboration can be an entertaining way to spend an afternoon with family and friends.

      Cocktail Classes

      Lessons, Vida nocturna

      The mojito, Daiquiri, Cubalibre... Enjoy learning how to prepare and taste the best known Cuban classic drinks, so that I return home to show them off.

        Salsa Class

        Culture & Art, Lessons

        Spend a fun time dancing with us, learning our rhythm to the compass of Son, Casino or Chachacha. The instructors more than teaching you will make you spend an unforgettable time.

        Talks of Interest

        We will like to share with you some of our knowledge or experience in subjects really interesting about the Cuban society. For that we have design the following conferences that we hope can be eye opening for you in terms of understanding Cuba.

          Sixty years in a blink

          Economics, Talks

          The economy, has always been a very controversial matter in Cuba. The peculiar way of handling the numbers and facing many different challenges since 1959 has always create a certain skepticism around the world. Get to know everything about our…

            Journalism in Cuba

            Culture & Art, Talks

            Have a true testimony of how journalism works in Cuba. Ask questions, and be witness of all kind of stories that will leave you speechless. Find out everything about our professionals and their reality.

              The mysteries of the Afro Cuban religion

              Culture & Art, Talks

              Something many visitors are always looking to discover is the African religion that so much has been described as beautiful and interesting. The African heritage in Cuba is an undeniable reality, everything about them is alive in our city now…


              Allowed us to recommend charming and comfortable lodging in every stage of your journey around Cuba. Get to know beforehand every destination and promotion we have for you.

              Unique houses impregnated with Cuban singular essence

              We have a network of friendly accommodations all over Cuba. In each of them we have personally attended and made sure of your comfort, security and excellent services with our own quality stamp of the best accommodations that you can find on your tour in Cuba.

              Contact us

              Stay in touch with us and get the best advices to make your way through Cuba and how to spend amazing Holidays.

              Make your time in Cuba an especial and comfortable experience. Our concierge services and every one of our catalogue options will let you build the perfect itinerary.

              Our concierge Sussel is at your disposal by phone or e-mail. She will contact you as soon as possible.

              +53 5258 8540